The fashion industry has quite a number of male twin duos who are setting the trend. While many don’t know that they are actually twins and not the same person, they keep on entertaining us their own way.

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Words by Janet Marsden

Dolan Twins

Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan – the comedy duo from America has been constantly on the rise since May 2013. Vine has made them quite a male fashion twin in the current industry. Both of them are working with the AwesomenessTV since the past 3 years. YouTube turned them to a fashion icon in no time and today, they set the trend.

Harry & Luke Treadaway

The style king gorgeous pair Luke and Harry Treadaway both their debut entry into the industry at the same time, in the same place – “Brothers of The Head”. For the role of the adjoined twins during the film, they kept connections for over 15 hours each day. Together they would harness and sleep in the same bed to light up the spark of their connected roles. Overtime, they became more handsome and both have their own fandom.

Max and Charlie Carver

They are one of the hardest to catch twins out there in the entertainment industry you can find. Together they have doubled each other in numerous television shows like “Desperate Housewives” – the ABC TV series, “Teen Wolf” – the MTV horror drama for teens and “The Leftovers” – the first season of the HBO TV series. Same goes for movies as well. Fans love them like anything.

Olly and Ben Murs

Olly Murs is quite famous after his return from the “X Factor”. Things in the industry turned hot when Ben got quite offended when Olly did not show up for his wedding because he had to perform in a show. Ben said he was quite hurt to know that Olly could not have been his best man this way. Though Olly always states of his love for his brother, the feud sensationalised the twin duo in the fashion industry.

Aaron & Shawn Ashmore

Many know them to be the same person. They are not. These twins have features very hard to separate from each other. And both of them have done some great contributions in superhero franchise. Shawn has been a part of the “X-Men” series for his role of Bobby Drake/Iceman. His acting has earned him quite a name. Aaron on the other hand is also well known in the superhero genre for his starring in “Smallvile”, a well known TV series. They are quite a fashion statement for all those fans out there.