There have been a lot of streetwear brands such as Supreme, Stussy, LAPP, Illustrated people and MISBHV who have been making latest streetwear clothing for men and women. Influencers from all around the globe has significantly contributed to the progress that this clothing range has made. From singers to Instagram influencers, everyone has equal contribution in the rise of this fashion style.

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Words by Janet Marsden

Shawn Stussy

It all began nearly 40 years ago when Shawn Stussy used to surf. It was the era of punks ruling the neighborhood and it was then than Shawn Stussy came up with creating tees for streetwear. He started making a lot of money and tried to expand the business. He wanted to come up with something that would be cool and innovative as well as hard to get. We all know where streetwear clothes lie today.

The 90’s progression

It was the best thriving period for this style innovation because music began to merge with it. It led to the creation of a super drug lifestyle that everyone wanted to enjoy but only a few could. Le Coq Sportif made quite progress during this time but eventually faded. Some other brands such as Timberland and FUBU got into the market as rappers became clothing moguls and we all know the history today.

The 00’s movement

The blending of streetwear to the new-age styles began in this period. Numerous counts of musicians have been known to use clothing and jersey related to sports. Many brands came up with their own range of unlicensed football jerseys except the company logo would replace the NFL logo. This enabled many people to enjoy a jersey of their own at quite cheap prices. The youthful feeling it provided has caused the rise of skinnier styles on date. While it was baggy during the 90s, it was slim fit in the 00s.

Streetwear on date

No matter wherever it began, Streetwar was destined to climb huge heights. This is mainly because it has helped a lot of individuals to express their values of arts through clothes and will be doing so till the emergence of a new trend. That is going to be quite time consuming. Clothing conventions like Agenda have been dedicated to streetwear and will continue to design clothes. Time flow may initiate a lot of changes but none can cause the end of streetwear.