The neon green trends have returned and this time they are even brighter. It was the 80s since the trend of fluorescent rave attire and gym gears have been on the rise. It has gone out of fashioned and returned many times but it was in 2009 that it had the most promising come back ever.

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Words by Janet Marsden

Full-on Fluorescent

To begin with, one could adopt the Kardashian way of using neon green. Kim has inspired quite a few things to make any one the centre of attention. In recent times, the mother of three has come out in many neon ensembles that will turn anyone’s head. She first came out in an orange fluorescent blinding sweater along with a matching set of cargo pants. The florescent neon just followed.

Evening Attire

The same black dress can be quite boring for ever single occasion. But now it is possible to give things a shake. Sarah Paulson has redefined the way of evening attire by defying the colour spectrum. The ‘Ocean’s 8’ red carpet witnessed her in a fringed neon item developed by Prada. If you are looking to have a show stopping entry, this is one way for you.


Things have also been the same for Kylie Jenner as she kept on the trend. She has recently snapped herself for Instagram in a Fendi neon green set and captioned it as bright summer colours for any time. Similar to Kim K, her elder half sister, she has always been the symbol of sartorial boldness and this neon green co-ord certainly proves that even more.

Nail coordination

If you know Bella Hadid then you must be aware of her front row appearance in Paris for the Dior Homme Spring/Summer show for 2019. Her fluorescent suit attracted a lot of attention from all around. She took another step ahead and paired up a nail polish matching her fluorescent suit. She made a pretty marked appearance though.

If you have the possibility, you can even get a matching car to suit your love for fluorescence.