The male grooming industry has currently turned out to be a multi-billion pound venture with an ever increasing count of men raising their expenditure of appearance. Items such as pore strips, face wash and hair removal products had made way to the male bathroom cabinet quite some time ago and now, makeup is also on the rise.

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Words by Janet Marsden

The rise of men’s makeup has been quite an argument throughout the industry. It has been one of the biggest hurdles for the company to make men trust makeup to be manly. They have spent decades over it and finally thanks to the present day fashion influencers, it is getting to be more of trend leading to the foundation of a new industry in the global market. While some companies try to come up with innovative rebranding ideas such as renaming the item, some come up with claims to provide them more masculine benefits. All thanks to the vlogging industry rise that the demands for male makeup has been constantly on the rise.

If you want to go through a list of males who put up makeup or run makeup vlogs, there is huge count of individuals to come up on the list. Some of the most famous vloggers who use makeup and male makeup artist include:

James Charles

James Charles has been a sensational rise in the world of vloggers and boasts of over 10 million followers in Instagram and YouTube. He initially started using makeup to hide the way he looked. People used to bully him and overtime he fell in love with makeup and has been using it ever since. The recent launch of his eyeshadow palette is collaboration with Morphe has sold out worldwide. Along with the success of his clothing brand Sisters Apparel, James Charles and his younger brother Ian Jeffrey are taking the makeup, YouTube and entertainment industry by storm all at the same time.

Reuben De Maid

This is the 12 years old singer who had been interested in makeup since the age of 8. Initially being bullied in school, he earned a huge following after his performance on Ellen Degeneres Show recently. He loves makeup and the way it helps him be the way he wants to be. After going on the Ellen Degeneres show for the second time he met Kim Kardashian and the catapulted his already huge following. Featuring in music videos by other successful make-up artists such as Patrick Starr, Reuben is one to watch.


MMMMitchell is an Instagram handler who happily shares his works and makeup techniques on Instagram and other social networking sites. He has been influencing a rising number of males to opt for make – either to hide any feature they don’t like or to bring out one they love. Even girls take a lot of inspiration from him.