Shoes are the most important part of human attire and it is pretty hard for some people, especially guys to realize. It is more particular for the case of Balenciaga – the top shoe brand for women. But it can do wonder for a girl, from redefining your style to setting your own trend. These define who she is and what she is. The Balenciaga shoe helps a person to mark and create a unique impression as soon as he makes an entrance unlike any other shiny or old pair of shoes.

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Words by Janet Marsden

What is Balenciaga?

Balenciaga is known to be one of the top houses of current fashion design. Cristobal Balenciaga had set up the designing firm back in 1900s. Over the 100 years the design firm has been successful to bring many successful products into market and have earned the trust of the customers over time for the quality and uniqueness of their product. Today the fashion house concentrates mainly on accessories though it still holds on the hard earned name throughout the world. That explains how they come up with such extents of advanced shoe designs for both men and women.


Who can wear Balenciaga?

Over time, the brand has turned to be a status symbol. It has turned out to be benchmark that defines your style, wealth and elegance. If you want to know about the celebrities, a lot of them are fans of Balenciaga, especially Katherine Heigl and Keri Russell. The brand makes some of the classic fashions on date. Be it the flats, boots or pumps, if it is Balenciaga, it is sure to be comfortable, unique and stylish. This is the main reason for the huge popularity of the brand among the youth.


How can I wear Balenciaga?

While you can wear your pair of Balenciaga any way you like, there are quite a few suggestions that can obviously set you out of the trend. Some of the best ways to get suited up with your Balenciaga include:

  • Straight up dad denim – get a pair of classic denim jeans and get in a cropped look with the oversized straight denim and the Balenciaga.
  • Tapered jeans – some boys like skinny jeans and so do some girls. The Balenciaga sneakers can make exceptional compliments to the streetwear style of tapered jeans.
  • Floral dress and plaid blazer – this is exceptionally for girls unlike the above two common for both. This can help her define herself and be more confident on the go.