Sometimes you need a little help and we are here to fully support that. On this page you can find all of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) which can hopefully solve your issue however if not, then you can contact your brand in order to get that solved as quickly as possible. 

The word NETHRIAL is actually a wordoid made by the founder Freedom Doran.

Nethrial is a combination of Nether and Aeriel which mean low and high reflecting how you can shop all stages of brands and price ranges within one site. It also has the word NET as the first three letters showing that Nethrial is primarily an online company.

Nethrial is pronounced “Neth-ree-ul”

A customer returns an item through the returns form that you send out with each purchase.

If a customer is unhappy with their product then they send the item back to us within 14 days. 

At the end of each month, we will send you back any returned items and the money with either be returned to us via your monthly invoice or taken out of your available withdrawal balance.

Your monthly payment is automatically taken on the 22nd of each month via the payment method you used to pay your set-up fee.

No, if you send items in they are used in multiple different ways and can be used in giveaways or sent to influencers however we deal with multiple influencers and of course brands so unfortunately you cannot pick.

If you are going on holiday and no-one will be able to fulfill orders then please let your brand manager know the date you want the products to come off the site and the date you want them to go back on and this will be sorted for you.

You can start posting from the launch date which is Friday 22nd February at 5pm GMT.

Make sure to use the “now stocked on” social media post templates here

This is of course a very popular question and is something that our IT team will now be focusing on given the fact that the site is now completed in terms of design etc.  

When this feature becomes available you will be notified via the brands newsletter and/or via your brand manager.

In the meantime please see the tutorials   



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